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Manila, Philippines - info
  HaiVan, Nov 27 2015

Hey guys,

So I have to travel to Manila for work in early December (two week stay).

I would appreciate any tips in regards to where to stay, what to eat, what to see, what to avoid etc.

Should I get vaccinated for anything (read conflicting information so far), is the current situation in the country stable?

Basically if you've been there or live in the Philippines share some knowledge with me

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Thanks for the advice!
  HaiVan, Dec 29 2013

Hey guys, after my first blog i took some of the advice that was given to me and made some changes. Decided to keep the SN.

Last 4 days of play:

Thanks again

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Seeking advice, Coaching/Stake.
  HaiVan, Dec 22 2013

Hey guys, first blog.

I started playing poker like many of you because i was a casual SC:BW gamer and used to visit daily. I remember back in 2009 some threads on there about poker and how alot of BW players were pretty good at it. So i started to play on PS with play money around november 2009, after a couple of months playing and reading LP i had gathered close to the then maximum allowed 20 million play chips. So i sold those for about 100$(maybe after a couple of tries because i got scammed for probably half of the play chips), and started to play nl2 on my laptop 12 tabling while in bed using the touch pad (fun times), after some time doing that and moving to nl5 then nl10 i decided to get a desktop for poker because it might be worth it. I remember when PTR was still tracking stars that i was listed somewhere in the top5 biggest winners on Stars at nl10 for 2010 i think. Shorty after that i moved to nl25 and im sad to say that with some short spells of breaking even at nl50 and nl100 thats still where i currently am. Ive been a Supernova since 2010, the current database i have on my desktop is ~1.5 mln hands and im ~2bb/100 winner according to HEM. In reality i probably have more than 4mln hands on stars and should be closer to a 3bb/100 (laptop, previous pc and so on). Ive played on Full Tilt before Black Friday and had a significantly better winrate at 25nl/50nl and 25nl/50nl zoom, i think i had >4bb/100 winrate over ~500k hands. Ive also played at 2-3 other poker rooms on Merge and Boss and was a decent winner there, but always left after 1-2 months due to being addicted to multitabling and the ease with which you could do that at PS.

The reasons for me being stuck on those levels for so long are probably complex, but one of them was that at first i was trying to prove to someone important to me that poker is more than just gambling and you could actually be a regular winner at it. That was done by me keeping a detailed chart of results for each month for about a year. I wanted as little variance as possible so i was content with playng 24 tables at lower limits than my bankroll allowed, in order to have a better chance of winning every single month. So i did that and i was succesful, won every month but didn't really progress much skill wise i think. By that time though this kind of play had become the norm for me, and with Stars raising my table limits from 24 to 28 and then to 32.... well i guess you can figure out what i did. Since i started to play i have had 4 losing months in total first two being one random month in 2011 and 2012 each(-50$ to -100$ kind of loss). Until last two months which combined are a loss of -1400$, which is not that big of a loss considering i play on the $,EUR and GBP tables, and might be due to variance, but it has made me seriously think about my game and what i wanted it to be before i got stuck in the multitabling SN maintaining kind of cycle that im in today. I currently have ~4k vpp's to go if i want to keep my SN for next year, but i am seriously considering not keeping it in order to change my game and not just autopilot 32 tables and not develop my game. I would appreciate any advice about that from people who have been in similar situations, and anyone really.

So i started to think about getting coaching, but i have always felt that just getting coaching from someone doesn't really make the coach look at the player he is coaching as anything but an additional source of income and not much more. So i think a Coaching/Stake situation would be much more productive since the coach would have an incentive to really improve the game of the player he is staking and thus increasing his profit from the deal.

Im looking for that kind of deal here because i've been an active member for a long time and i think this would be a much better option than getting a stake/coaching from 2+2 offers. If there is no interest i might seek one there, but id preffer to deal with LP players. Im open to disscuss different options and variations of the coaching/stake situation. Im very motivated to improve my game and move up, and i know i can put a significant amount of work to do so. If anyone is interested PM me or post here.

Sorry if that got a bit too long , any kind of advice is welcome.

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